Saturday, December 31, 2011

What will I change for myself this New Year...

1. I will learn to let people Love me.
2. I will learn to trust myself with more chalanges
3. I will learn to not me shy around people
4. I will start eating healthy
5. I will get my weight under control
6. I will not let myself get depressed
7. I will not let what Friends or Family say get to me
8. I will not let what Friends or Family think about me get to me
9. I will not let Friends or Family bring me down
10. I will learn to Love Lindsey even more than what I love her now
11. I will tend to her needs before mine
12. I will always be there for her
13. I will try and not dissapoint Lindsey, no matter what
14. I will never let anybody come between us, Friends or Family
15. I will humble myself more
16. I will not let people scare me
17. I will learn to be more open with Lindsey
18. I will not let Friends or Family tell me how to live my life
19. Family issues will not get to me
20. I will Fight for mine and Lindseys rights

These are my New years promises to myself..
what will yours be??

1 comment:

  1. Some of those are very good girl! You go for it! You can do great things if you let them! <3 you!